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DMUN Welcomes Two Organisations to the DMUN Family
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DMUN Welcomes Two Organisations to the DMUN Family
The DMUN Foundation is pleased to announce a significant milestone in its journey of promoting education and diplomacy worldwide.


Cambridge, MA - The DMUN Foundation is pleased to announce a significant milestone in its journey of promoting education and diplomacy worldwide. We proudly welcome two esteemed Model United Nations (MUN) conferences, LGCMUN and FDLMUN, to our growing global family.

With a shared commitment to empowering students and fostering cross-cultural understanding, LGCMUN and FDLMUN have earned recognition for their exceptional contributions to the MUN community in their respective regions.

About LGCMUN: Empowering the Leaders of Tomorrow

LGCMUN has emerged as a prominent force in the MUN landscape, providing students with an enriching platform to develop essential leadership, critical thinking, and communication skills. Their dedication to creating immersive and innovative MUN simulations has earned accolades from students and educators alike. LGCMUN's core mission closely aligns with the vision of the DMUN Foundation, and together, we aim to nurture the leaders of tomorrow who will drive positive change in the world.

About FDLMUN: Shaping the Diplomats of the Future

FDLMUN has carved a distinct niche as an influential MUN conference, guiding students on a transformative journey of global awareness and diplomatic excellence. Their unwavering commitment to fostering an inclusive and open dialogue environment has resulted in profound experiences for participants. We are thrilled to collaborate with FDLMUN as they continue shaping diplomats of the future, an endeavor that resonates deeply with the DMUN Foundation's mission.

The Power of Collaboration

The DMUN Foundation firmly believes in the power of collaboration and collective efforts to effect meaningful change. LGCMUN and FDLMUN bring fresh perspectives, ideas, and experiences to our community, enriching our collective mission to create positive change through MUN conferences.

Together, we envision a global community of young leaders who embrace diversity, foster understanding, and actively contribute to a more just and sustainable world. As LGCMUN and FDLMUN become integral parts of the DMUN family, we are excited to unite our strengths, amplify our impact, and continue empowering students worldwide.

Looking Towards a Bright Future

As we embark on this new chapter, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our partners, volunteers, participants, and supporters who have been part of this remarkable journey. The DMUN Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to make a difference, one MUN conference at a time.

Stay tuned for upcoming events, initiatives, and opportunities as we move forward together as a united DMUN family.

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About DMUN Foundation

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